Our Servies

We provide high quality state of the art reproductive healthcare in a private setting.

A description of our Services

General Practitioner Clinic

To help in any condition that you may be experiencing, we have our Doctors ready to assist you.

Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic

Our highly experienced team of specialists are here to aid and assist you on any and all gynecological and obstetrics. These include care during pregnancy, delivery.

Pharmaceutical Services

We offer pharmaceutical services on site of a variety of medications. Our facilities are on premise, making it accessible to our patients on site.

Infertility Services

Infertility is a serious issue in our community. We diagnose and offer treatment to issues related to infertility in both men and women. Unlike popular belief, infertility is a treatable condition.

Specialized Diagnostics Services

Our state of the art laboratory is stacked with highly advanced equipment that delivers accurate diagnostics for a wide range of tests available at our facilities.

In-Patient Services

Out facility offers in-patience care for patients who needs closer attention during their recovery. This can include patients who have just undergone surgical procedures, and new mothers.